Athens to Meteora Roadtrip

We arrived in Athens from Santorini early in the morning, rented our car from, and then hit the road with only a road map and no GPS. Driving around and out of Athens there are tolls so make sure to carry cash.

The first stop on the road to Meteora was Delphi, and it was a very windy one. The scenic drive takes you along the mountain ranges and you’ll pass cute little towns, valleys and see lots of olive trees.  On the way there we drove through Arahova. A cute ski resort town. We stopped for lunch and ate in the outdoor square.

Then we went to Delphi. It is on the side of Mount Parnassus and famous for its ruins. Back in the day, it was a major site of worship for the god Apollo.

There isn’t much shade so wear a hat, bring some water, and wear good walking shoes. If you’re feeling hot, to the side of the ruins is the museum. It’s a building with AC, restrooms, and there you can grab a bite to eat. We didn’t want to waste more time since we had a long ways to go so we skipped the museum.

After hours and hours of windy roads. We finally arrived in Kalambaka. We checked in to Dellas Boutique Hotel. Its a decent hotel in a quiet area. Wifi was sketchy. I didn’t get good reception in our room, but it was better in the public areas. It’s in between Kalambaka and Kastraki, the two towns that border Meteora. so you could walk or drive a short distance to either.

This area has been made popular by the six monasteries that sit on top of cliffs. They look like they are suspended in the air. They say that the concept of the Eyrie in Game of Thrones was based on this location. The location is also popular with rock climbers.

The monasteries are beautiful to look at. You don’t even have to go inside the monasteries if you don’t want to pay the entrance fees. There are several lookout points between the monasteries that are great for taking pictures of them and the surrounding views. They are especially popular during sunset.

If you do choose to visit the monasteries, be prepared to walk up several flights of stairs, pay an entrance fee, and to cover up your shoulders and wear a skirt ( if you are a woman). If you dont have anything to cover up they have wraps you can borrow at the ticket booths. Each monastery is different. We only visited 2. Each day 1 monastery is closed so check the schedule to see which one it is for the days you plan to visit.

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity was used in the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only”.


Monastery of the Great Meteoron is the largest of the monasteries. It’s beautiful inside and out. It also has the most steps up to the gate.


It was a short visit. But it was enough time to capture the beauty of the area.

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