Free Museum Thursdays in Houston

If you ever find yourself just randomly off from work or you’re visiting from out of town and it’s a Thursday, there are some great places to go and visit in Houston for FREE!

Here’s the lowdown:

Always Free:

Asia Society Texas Center (except Louisa Stude Sarofim Gallery)

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston


Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Houston Center for Photography

The Jung Center

Lawndale Art Center

The Menil Collection

Rice Gallery

Rothko Chapel

Specific Free Times:

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum 1pm-5pm

Children’s Museum of Houston 5pm-8pm

The Health Museum 2-5pm

Houston Museum of African American Culture 6-8pm

Houston Museum of Natural Science permanent exhibit halls 2-5pm

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 10am-9pm

Our Thursday

So, looking at the times above we planned our day. We parked at Hermann Park and looked for free parking and then walked our way to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

We loved passing through the James Turrell The Light Inside exhibit. It connects you to the  other building across the street.



imageIn the next building, we looked at the displays of  artwork and gold jewelry from different parts of the world. The section we spent most of our time in was in South East Asia, Turkey  and Colombia since we have visited some of these places.


From there, we walked across the street to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. It’s not as big a space as its neighbor, but there’s still interesting things to look at.





Next, we took a break from the arts and went back to the Museum of Natural Science as it was already past 2 pm and now admission was free. We got free admission to the permanent exhibit halls and a free show at the planetarium.



At this point we got a little hungry and grabbed a few snacks at the McDonald’s located inside the museum.


Next, we went to the Menil Collection, but only the Dan Flavin Installation on Richmond Hall. It’s a simple exhibit of colored lights on white walls. Unfortunately no photography or video is allowed, so you will have to go and see what it is for yourselves.

Our last exhibit of the day was at the Buffalo Bayou Cisterns. They partnered with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston to showcase this video installation Rain by Magdalena Fernandez. And yes, this was also free! You will have to make reservations or you can try to get in once you arrive if it is not busy.  The show starts when the lights are turned off. Be careful, it’s very very dark!



There you go, one whole day of wandering around Houston for free! And, there’s still much more things to see on the list that are free for your next Thursday off!

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