Hiking up to Roy’s Peak

We left Queenstown in the morning after breakfast. We left much later than I would’ve liked, but it turned out to be a good thing in the end.

We headed north towards Wanaka and passed by Lake Hayes. It’s just a place we happened to stop by on a whim. It was a bright, sunny day and as we were driving by I could see the lake. I thought it would be a good spot just to fly over the lake with the drone. What a surprise! Because there wasn’t any wind, the water was like a mirror and there was a perfect reflection of the hill and the mountains.

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Lake Hayes

Afterwards, we went on our way to Wanaka. The main reason I wanted to go was to hike up Roy’s Peak. I was kind of worried because by the time we got to the town it was about 1pm. We needed to get a bite to eat and some snacks and water for our hike. So we stopped by Subway picked up some sandwiches and filled up our water bottles at the nearest water fountain.

From what I researched, it takes about 5-6 hours to hike up to Roy’s Peak. From what we heard from people that actually hiked it, it was more like 6-7 hours, and painful. Nonetheless, I still wanted to go because from what I’ve seen, the view was amazing. We started our hike around 2pm. A lot of people were already headed down. Some of them said they had started their hike at 6am. The hike was steep with switchbacks all the way up and right away we got tired. It didn’t help that there wasn’t any shade on the way up. We decided that every 30 minutes we would take a break.

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For a while it seemed as if the view wasn’t changing and every time I looked up and saw how much more I had to go, I felt like turning around and calling it a day. We were about halfway up and the view looked good enough. We kept going. I didn’t want to regret coming all this way for nothing. Then, all of a sudden we turned and we had a straight path to our destination!

There wasn’t too many people there, which was great! We had heard that when there’s too many people a line forms so that everyone could get their selfie at the top. We didn’t have a line at all. It’s a good thing we left late that morning! We took our pictures, sat down to eat our sandwiches and enjoyed the view of Mount Aspiring National Park and Lake Wanaka, and watched other people take their pictures.

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We headed down as the sun started to go down. People were still on their way up, but they had camping gear with them so they could spend the night! I wish we had the time to do that. Going down hill was tough. It was steep and my knees and my toes were starting to hurt. I couldn’t walk the whole way and wanted to just hurry down. So every once in a while I did a little jog to get down quicker.

Before we left the area we made a quick stop at Lake Wanaka and took a few pictures of That Wanaka Tree before the sun went down completely.  Wish we had more time to explore the place!

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