24 hours in Siem Reap

If you are anywhere close to Cambodia make a stop in Siem Reap. When we were on that side of the world, we spent most of our time in Thailand but we were next door to Cambodia and I thought how can I not just take a peek into that country. So we flew over and stayed for 2 nights, but only had 1 full day to explore. Here’s what we did.

Where We Stayed


We stayed at Borei Angkor Resort and Spa. The place was in a decent location not far from Siem Reap Night Market and Pub Street, price was reasonable, and service was friendly. I recommend it! I loved that they arranged a driver to pick us up from the airport, provided our own tuk tuk driver to pick us up whenever we wanted to leave the resort, and the hotel itself was beautiful and comfortable. Buffet breakfast was included, and it was delicious.

What We Did

When you arrive at your hotel tell them right away that you want to see Angkor Wat. They can arrange for you to purchase your ticket at the official ticket booth that day or early in the morning before the site opens to tourists for sunrise.

We woke up early and left the hotel in our tuk tuk around 4:30 am to get to the ticket booth when it opened at 5am. There were many people there already in line to get tickets too. Once you’ve got your ticket remember to always keep your ticket with you throughout the park, the guards may check for your tickets at each temple.

Angkor Temples

Visit the many temples inside Angkor Wat. It can be a long hot day so bring bottles of water with you and some cash to buy some from the vendors outside the temples if you need some.

Angkor Wat



All the people that wake up early to catch the sunrise.


Make friends with the monks.



One of the entrances to the next temple.



Ta Prohm



Phnom Bakheng


Watch a Traditional Khmer Performance

We were able to enjoy a show at our hotel. A meal and Khmer souvenir scarf was included.


Visit Pub Street at Night

Shop at the night market and try to haggle for souvenirs or really cheap clothing. There are plenty of eateries, bars and clubs here. Sidewalk massages are around and so are fish foot massages.


The fish were much bigger in these tanks. I thought they were gonna eat off our feet!

Take a Break at Your Hotel

I thought it was much hotter and humid in Cambodia than it was in Thailand. The day after we visited the temples I just wanted to relax. We enjoyed the pool and indulged in a treatment at the hotel spa.


What we Ate

You can’t travel halfway across the world and not try the food! Cambodia has plenty of it. Unfortunately our favorite place we ate at has now closed, but you can always ask for these traditional Khmer dishes at other restaurants.

Loved drinking fresh coconut juice with my meal.


Khmer Lok Lak
Khmer Amok. Traditional Cambodian fish served in coconut shells.

Cambodia was a lovely place. Wish we had more time to explore!

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  1. Stuning photos – the tones and mood of the temple complex are amazing!!!
    I was in Cambodia at the start of the year, and had such an amazing time!

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