1.5 days in Auckland

After exploring most of New Zealand's natural landscape, we finally reached our last destination, Auckland. Known as "The City of Sails," Auckland is a big city by the coast where many people go sailing and catch ferries to the surrounding islands. There's lots to do, but we weren't here very long and had to limit... Continue Reading →


Things to do in Maui

When planning a vacation, remember you can't go everywhere. When we decided to go to Maui for a friend's wedding we decided to extend our trip to explore the island. When looking what we could do, there were too many options to choose from. Here's what we did. Whale Watching Depending on what time of... Continue Reading →

How are you saving for your next trip?

Who doesn't want extra cash and a better way to save it? I always thought that just having a separate account from our checking and savings was enough for having extra money to spend on miscellaneous things, but I realized whatever money I was putting into that checking account on the side was doing nothing... Continue Reading →

Franz Josef Glacier Heli-Hike

There's so many exciting things to do when visiting New Zealand. All over New Zealand helicopter rides are offered to tourists to view the vast landscape and step on areas difficult to reach by foot. We chose to do a heli-hike, a helicopter ride and a hike, with Franz Josef Glacier Guides. There are 3 glaciers on... Continue Reading →

Hiking up to Roy’s Peak

We left Queenstown in the morning after breakfast. We left much later than I would've liked, but it turned out to be a good thing in the end. We headed north towards Wanaka and passed by Lake Hayes. It's just a place we happened to stop by on a whim. It was a bright, sunny... Continue Reading →

Visiting Milford Sound

Once you've arrived in Queenstown, one excursion many people choose to do is take a road trip to Milford Sound. You can either find a day tour that will load you up on a bus early in the morning with a bunch of other people, get a lunch included with the price, cruise along Milford... Continue Reading →


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